Remember When?

Stories from our files


BONNYRIGG: Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Town Council are to continue their efforts to have traffic lights erected at Bonnyrigg Toll, one of the burgh’s black spots. A report from the Chief Constable of the Lothians and Peebles Constabulary, Mr William Merrilees, stated that, during the past three years, 17 road accidents at this junction were reported to the police.


NEWTONGRANGE: Concerns have been expressed over plans by Lothian Region Transport to re-route bus services through The Beeches. From April 11, the company plans to re-route all journeys within Newtongrange to operate via Bryans Road and The Beeches, but concern has been expressed about the plans by Regional Councillor Peter Boyes. Mr Boyes said he felt the re-routing would cause disruption to the travelling public.


BILSTON: Bilston residents are joining forces in opposition to the proposed A701 western alignment, which it is claimed will turn the village into a “gigantic traffic island”. Bilston Area Action Group has encouraged more than 250 householders in and around the village to write or sign a petition objecting to the proposed road.

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