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From our files
From our files

Stories from our files


DALKEITH: A last minute effort by Dalkeith Town Council failed to delay the opening of the Casino in Duke Street. During the day there were consultations between the town council, the county council and the solicitors acting on behalf of the owners, who had received permission to open the club on Monday evening.


DALKEITH: Midlothian District Council will meet specially tomorrow when it is hoped to approve the final report on the new £4.5m district council headquarters in Dalkeith. The report recommends an architectural competition should begin. The four designs will be on pubic display.


ROSLIN: Look out Mark O’Meara - Roslin golfer David Inglis is after your Open title. The youngster is back home after his own triumph in the Junior Open Championship, held shortly before last week’s Open at Royal Birkdale.

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