Remember When?

Auchendinny. Photo courtesy Midlothian Council Local Studies
Auchendinny. Photo courtesy Midlothian Council Local Studies

Stories from our files


DALKEITH: All-night street lighting has returned to Dalkeith after complaints by Baillie T Laidlaw that the all-night lamps were “out” for a period of six weeks . This was reported to the Roads and Lighting Committee of the Town Council. Provost J. Quinn claimed that the street lights should be kept on all year.


PENICUIK: A book to mark the centenary of the Lothian’s worst mining disaster, at Mauricewood mine near Penicuik, has been written by local history teacher Fred Pringle. The fire on September 5, 1889 killed 63 men and boys.


MIDLOTHIAN: IT specialists have been called in to ensure Midlothian police stations’ computer systems are bug free in the run up to the millennium.

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