Remember your views count

Sergeant Stuart Aitchison reminds members of the public to take part in the police consultation exercise
Sergeant Stuart Aitchison reminds members of the public to take part in the police consultation exercise

This month I would like to highlight Police Scotland’s public consultation campaign that was launched on Thursday, April 7, writes Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson.

“Your View Counts” is an online survey which will run for the coming year.

We listened to feedback from the public over the last year and used it to redesign and relaunch our consultation process for policing priorities. The process has evolved with support from key partners and stakeholders, including the set of questions used.

The benefit of an online system is that you can take part at a time which is convenient for you. If you don’t have personal access to a computer, you can use community facilities with free internet access. We are also continuing to meet directly with different communities in the area throughout the year, to ensure everyone can have their say, whether they can access a computer or not.

While this new system should give an added voice to some, we are keen to ensure those who are not as confident in the use of the internet can still become involved, with written forms being made available at local stations.

The survey, which is anonymous, can be found on the Police Scotland website,

I would encourage all readers to become involved. This is your chance to tell us what is important to you when it comes to policing your local community.

I am committed to working together with local communities and residents of Midlothian. The survey has a specific section relating to local issues which will allow myself and others to obtain feedback on local problems and emerging issues and concerns, and target our resources accordingly. It also covers national priorities, public confidence and communications and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Improving our ability to assess community views throughout the year instead of a single point in time, will allow us to provide more meaningful feedback during the year on the policing service we provide. This is the start of a process we hope to develop and enhance in the forthcoming months, with the first feedback anticipated for July 2016.

This is an important survey and something I believe can help us work more closely with all our communities and partners to help address the problems in Midlothian, and make our area a better place to live, work and enjoy.

Remember Your View Counts.