Repair reminder to Dalkeith property owners

Owners and residents of properties in Dalkeith High Street are to be “chivvied” along to apply for improvement grants.

Applications for building work in the town centre must be submitted by June 2012. The Dalkeith Townscape Heritage Initiative and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme comes to an end in July 2014.

Updating Midlothian Council’s cabinet last week, Ian Johnson, head of planning and development, said the “sensible thing to do” would be to send letters to as many owners, occupiers and agents as possible to remind them of the deadline.

“In many instances, we have got an idea of what is coming forward with applications but in many cases it is about chivvying people along,” he added.

Funds were limited in the run-up to the cut-off date, and remaining applications should be sent in “sooner rather than later”.

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