Rescued after Roslin Glen accident

Linda Hawkes (66) is rescued by firefighters after slipping in Roslin Glen.
Linda Hawkes (66) is rescued by firefighters after slipping in Roslin Glen.

A woman is still recovering in hospital more than two weeks after trapping and snapping her leg during a fall in Roslin Glen.

Linda Hawkes (66) was trying to avoid a fallen tree blocking the pathway when she slipped down the embankment near Rosslyn Chapel.

The specialist line crew was mobilised fromTollcross and Newcraighall to carry out the rescue operation.

Mrs Hawkes was placed in a basket stretcher and given gas and air as she was lifted around 100 metres to a waiting 4x4 ambulance. This vehicle transported her to a waiting ambulance at Dryden Farm, Roslin, and she was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Her husband Arthur explained he, his wife and relatives from Roslin were walking in the glen when they came across the “very mature” tree blocking the way.

“As she made her way down the embankment she slipped and I tried to catch her,” he said. His wife’s foot was caught between two roots causing her leg to snap.

“I am told by the hospital it is a very serious injury. At one time they were talking about a skin graft,” said Mr Hawkes.

Mrs Hawkes underwent an operation to have pins inserted on June 12 - two days after the accident. She is waiting to hear when she can have a cast fitted and return home to Hampshire.

Hamish Robinson, administator for the landowner Hawthornden Castle, said: “I am sorry this woman fell and hurt herself. I am still awaiting a report from the fire service so I don’t know what happened.”

He explained a number of trees fell during winter storms and signs had been erected warning walkers. He added that removing the trees would be an “enormous” operation given their location in the glen.

Mr Robinson said he had returned to the site since Mrs Hawkes’ accident to put up fresh signage.

He urged members of the public not to remove the public safety signs.