Residents face flood after burn busts banks

The water reached houses on John Street. Picture: Vicky Frame
The water reached houses on John Street. Picture: Vicky Frame

Penicuik residents fear they could face evacuation after heavy rain caused a burn to burst its banks.

The Cuiken Burn has swelled so much that it has reached homes along John Street.

The floods came after heavy rain

The floods came after heavy rain

Resident Vicky Frame says that the council has been warned about the problem, which is getting worse each year.

She says that the issue stems from a blocked drainage tunnel at the burn which is constantly clogged up.

“The council never clears it out so it’s burst its banks again,” she added.

“It’s been happening for the last eight years I’ve been here and it’s getting worse.

Firefighters at the scene.

Firefighters at the scene.

“Right now it’s up to ankle height and it’s almost reaching the house.

“I worry that we might have to evacuate. I have an elderly neighbour who can’t get out so it would be difficult for him if it got worse.”

A spokesperson for Scottish Fire and Rescue confirmed that they had attended the incident this morning.

“We were called to the John Street area just before 8am. The rear garden of a property had been flooded due to a blocked drainage tunnel.

“The water appeared to be receeding so we left at around 8.30am.

“We contacted Midlothian Council about supplying sandbags.

Midlothian Council have been approached for comment