Retirement beckons for Loanhead GP

Dr Stanley Moonsawmy retires this weekend
Dr Stanley Moonsawmy retires this weekend

A Loanhead GP, who has served the local community for more than 40 years, hangs up his stethoscope this weekend.

Dr Stanley Moonsawmy (76) retires after workingfor nearly 50 years in the NHS.

“I stayed on beyond the maximum retirement age of 65 in the hope that the health board would replace me with a single-handed or two-man practice as I think Loanhead needs an alternative practice,” he explained.

“I have argued for the past 12 years for a replacement. I realised that is never going to happen.” As a result, the practice will now close.

Dr Moonsawmy was born in the former British Guyana in South America. His father sent him and his three siblings to study at Edinburgh University.

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