Returning to the family home


Fishbowl (Friday, September 11, BBC3, 11pm)

One-off comedy starring Mark Benton, Sally Lindsay and Katherine Rose Morley, following the misadventures of a hapless student and her family. When Hattie endures a disastrous first term at university, losing all her money and piling up huge debts, concerned parents Phil and Ramona decide it’s best to bring her back into the family home.

However, she has other plans, and vows to do whatever it takes to avoid suffocating parental love, unwanted childhood admirers and overbearing neighbours.

Ripper Street (BBC1, 9pm)

Who’d be a woman in 19th-century London?

If Ripper Street is anything to go by, even if you somehow manage to avoid being murdered, there are plenty of other ways in which to become a victim.

In this penultimate episode, the shadowy world of illegal abortionists is thrust into the spotlight following the death of a chemist.

Dr Frayn is keen to modernise the practices at the Obsidian Clinic to help the women affected.

But she shouldn’t count on Long Susan for support, as she’s having enough trouble keeping one of her current business ventures going.R