Rick heads for the Med in new series


Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul, BBC2, 9.30pm, Friday, August 7

Rick Stein has never been the sort of man to rest on his laurels.

Instead, he has travelled to far-flung places to taste culinary treats in various countries, and some of his adventures have been 
televised, including jaunts to the Far East, Spain, India and Germany.

Now he is on the road again – and the title of this new series gives away two of the places that he will be visiting en route.

He begins in the Italian city, one of the world’s most beautiful and extraordinary places.

From there he takes in the sights and sounds – as well as the tastes – of Greece, Albania and Croatia before washing up on Turkish shores.

On the menu this time will be garlic shrimps with soft 
polenta, sporki macaroni 
and Turkish dumplings. “Italy is about passion and flavours,” says Stein.

“They couldn’t give a stuff about coriander and lemongrass. They just want to know where the best tomatoes and lemons come from.

“So often in Turkey I kept thinking of how the flavours were almost like food from a parallel universe.”