Riders fight for off-road facility in Midlothian

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MOTORBIKE enthusiasts are being encouraged to get together to set up Midlothian’s first official off-road facility.

Mayfield man Martin Farrell is leading a campaign to have an off-road bike track set up in Midlothian.

The 40-year-old has a 200cc pit bike, but says he has to travel to Stirling or Selkirk in order to ride it.

Mr Farrell also bought his partner Evelyn Sneddon’s 13-year-old son Jordan O’Brien a 125cc off-road bike for Christmas, but the Newbattle High School pupil has been unable to use his present because there are no suitable facilities in Midlothian.

Mr Farrell is encouraging other interested off-road motorbike riders to get together to set up a track where people can go to enjoy the sport.

The full article appears in this week’s Advertiser.

What do you think - should there be areas set aside in Midlothian for off-road biking?