Rise in speeding worries villagers in Newtongrange

Newtongrange Community Council chairman Jason Ferry on Main Street, Newtongrange
Newtongrange Community Council chairman Jason Ferry on Main Street, Newtongrange

A perceived rise in speeding vehicles in Newtongrange has locals worried that somebody could soon be seriously hurt on the village’s roads.

The matter was brought forward by a member of the public at last week’s meeting of Newtongrange Community Council.

Donna Mackie urged local people to report speeding incidents to the police.

She said: “I would say it’s mainly a problem along fifth and sixth street, and Lingerwood Road. The speeds that they are doing up there are incredible.

“It’s not always easy to see traffic coming up those streets due to parked cars when you are crossing, so it’s not safe.

“The only way we can get this problem highlighted is if people start complaining about it.

“If nobody complains then the police will think it is OK up there and that there is no problem.”

Community councillor Kenny Hunter said: “I agree. Particularly with the vennels.

“There is a high potential of an accident. All these streets are full of cars.

“We are now a commuting village that needs transport to go back and forward to work. So there is far more traffic and far more dangers.

“It’s really important that people tell the police about any such incidents.

“They maybe don’t think it’s important enough to call but they should email them. That way it is logged. So the police know about the problem.”

Community council chairman Jason Ferry said he would highlight the local police email address on his group’s Facebook page and email local community officer Colin Deans to tell him the issue had been raised.

Community Sergeant for Dalkeith, Colin Deans, told the Advertiser: “There are quite narrow streets there so it could be a problem, but we have not heard anything.

“If the community council come to us with concerns about an issue with speeding in Newtongrange then we will respond to that.

“One of Police Scotland’s priorities is to reduce road fatalities, so if we heard of any concerns about speeding in the village then we would definitely respond to that.”