Rockin’ up your Friday night viewing


Friday, July 24

20 Moments That Rocked Pop (C5, 9pm)

From Elvis Presley to Justin Bieber, pop music has had a huge impact on youth culture the world over.

Now, this countdown is here to remind us of some of the performers, songs and events that made headlines, influenced generations, or simply got us all talking in the nation’s pubs, offices and playgrounds.

Among the pivotal pop moments are 1985’s Live Aid concert, which marked a watershed in broadcasting and donating to charity. The programme also looks at the Spice Girls’ contribution to girl power, and reveals how a 50p pair of hot pants reignited Kylie Minogue’s career. But it’s not all a cause for celebration, as we’re also reminded of some musical tragedies.

What Ever Happened to Rock ‘n’ Roll? (BBC4, 10pm)

There’s no doubt that the rise of MP3s and online streaming services has had a huge impact on the music industry, but some pundits have also started to question whether the future of rock ‘n’ roll itself is also in crisis.

Can the genre still be considered as dangerous and subversive, or has it become more of a lifestyle choice?