Rosewell children’s group leads the way

Youngsters from the Rosewell Kid World Citizen Group.
Youngsters from the Rosewell Kid World Citizen Group.

The idea has been developed from an online source, created by American Becky Morales, who is mother to five multicultural and bilingual children and a teacher values the importance of learning about culture, respecting each other’s culture, individuality and creativity.

The trust’s community engangement manager Fiona Inglis said: “Becky’s work is all online but our Kid World Citizen group is all practical, real and happening within the Rosewell community, now!

“We are currently in the middle of a four week pilot project which our community activities coordinator, Sarah Bain, is taking a lead on. The group is looking at children and young people working together to benefit the community in which they live, learn more about others who live here and come up with ‘nice ideas’ to improve the way of life for Rosewell residents.

“There’s lots that they can get involved in and if it works, we plan to roll it out as a summer club and I feel it could be incredibly successful for all involved!”

So far, the children have designed their own placemats to present to the members of the Senior Citizens Lunch Club.

Fiona continued: “The group also has an emphasis on intergenerational working and by that, we mean young people supporting children and being positive role models and then the group working to support and link up with the wider community whether that is local families, older people, residents from St Joseph’s Services, local community groups or businesses. All of which RDT has already developed positive working partnerships with.”

A recent successful Kid World Citizen activity consisted of the group making flower pots (with flowers donated by the local 1st Rosewell Rainbows and Brownies unit) with a label on advising people to pick up their free flowers, enjoy their surprise and tag RDT on social media. The group updated the @RDT Rosewell Twitter account and the RDT Rosewell Facebook page using the #lucky11 (11 flowerpots) and #randomactsofkindess.

Fiona said: “The group went out into the community with a wheelbarrow full of flowers and hid them throughout the Rosewell community for people to find and keep, including outside the local corner shops, in the park, outside the new Avant Homes Show Homes and in random bus stops. This was a successful initiative and provided some positive feedback!”