Rosewell dog day care refusal reversed

Lyn Sillars at Gourlaw Farm, Rosewell
Lyn Sillars at Gourlaw Farm, Rosewell

Midlothian Council’s Local Review Body has overturned planning refusal for a dog day care centre at a farm near Rosewell.

At the committee’s latest meeting, Lyn Sillars told councillors of her plans to look after dogs for people while they are at work, at Gourlaw Farm. Her original application was refused by planners over access and noise pollution fears.

She said: “Regarding barking, I can’t stand barking. And I’m very fond of my neighbours. So I will not let it get out of hand. I want to keep everybody happy. I would always make sure my staff are responsible.

“Our two closest neighbours think this is a great idea. Yes there have been two objections from the main road, some 100 to 200 metres to the side. But I would say this is the ideal location for this facility.

“Regarding access, there will be no drop-offs or pick-ups by the dog’s owners. We will collect them and take them home. And there will be no more than 40 dogs a day, which means no more than ten trips in the morning and ten trips in the evening.

“Dogs do bark sometimes. But this is not a boarding situation, with kennels and overnight stays which can lead to barking when they are cooped up for a while.”

Lynn believes that Gourlaw Farm is the best possible site for her business.

She said: “I have been looking for somewhere to expand my business. And this is ideal.

“We have no problem with where to walk the dogs or where to look after them. We have lots of space. Naturally we don’t want to cause any problems in any public parks. I have met people walking their dog in the park and they can be quite intimidated by large groups of dogs.

“In this industry we need to move forward, where dogs are looked after properly… properly trained and socialised.

“This site means I can have good control of them.”

Her agent, Bob Tait, said that the dogs will be placed in three separate paddocks then taken out for walks. They will then go into buildings with toys where they can have a rest. He added that Ms Sillars has 10 years experience of dog walking and is looking for a base to take her business forward.