Roslin school set to say farewell to its pupils

Alasdair Brown (left) and Daniel McKenna have designed a new badge and a gate for the new school
Alasdair Brown (left) and Daniel McKenna have designed a new badge and a gate for the new school

Roslin Primary School is gearing up to say a fond farewell to its pupils from nearby Bilston, who are set to move into their very own new school.

Those departing pupils will join the two classes and nursery based at the annexe in Bilston, at the new school.

Angela Foley, admin assistant at Roslin Primary School said: “Some have chosen to stay here. But the vast majority of Bilston children are going down to the new school.

“It’s mixed emotions to be honest. The community are delighted to get their own school, but it’s quite sad to see them go.

“Although, I think there will be strong links between the schools, definitely.

“One of the boys from Roslin, Alasdair Brown, has designed a gate for the new school at Bilston. The design shows the mining heritage of Bilston.

“And the new Bilston Primary School badge has been designed by Daniel McKenna, who is going to the new school. The parents and children came together to name the school and design the badge.”

And to mark this move, Roslin Primary has organised a series of events next week.

Angela added: “We are having a memories gallery next Monday at the annexe, serving teas and coffees. All the children have done little banners or cards of their memories. And the Bilston community has been trying to gather up photos of the old Bilston School.

“And, weather permitting, we will have a farewell garden party, with a wee picnic. The Roslin children will sing a song to the Bilston children. We have created a little framed artwork of the song to put up in the new school. Then hopefully we will have a piper to pipe them back onto the bus.”

The new Bilston Primary School will open when the new term begins on August 18.