Say ‘I do’ to some stylish gifts

PA Photo/Handout.
PA Photo/Handout.

Most couples building a wedding list still say “we do” love beautiful tableware and cutlery - after all, these gifts will be useful for a lifetime.

Sensible food processors and mixers are also still going strong as present list ‘must-have’ items at John Lewis.

These bestselling lines are often timeless classics so they deserve their place at the heart of newlyweds’ kitchens.

But there’s also room for more unusual presents, that will bring lasting stylishness to a home.

“Today’s bijou living dictates couples’ choices, and brides and grooms enjoy a sense of individuality combined with practicality,” says the wedding list consultant at Wedding Presents Direct.

“Modern couples are savvy when it comes to choosing their wedding list. They know which brands they like and spend lots of time researching styles and themes.”

Indeed, according to Wedding Presents Direct, vibrant china, decorative lamps and cut crystal are high on the list for couples this spring.

Meanwhile, John Lewis predicts that their own-label Luna tableware and Connoisseur glassware ranges will be really prominent.

To crown the big day, here are some stylish suggestions to furnish the home - and remember, those in the know advise newlyweds-to-be not to underestimate how generous some guests are when devising their lists!

The Big Day isn’t about the gifts, of course, but chances are you’ll be showered with presents and will need to order stacks of thank you cards.