Scott from Gorebridge saves capital from zombies

Gorebridge lad Scott Davidson (left), with author Alan Grant (right)
Gorebridge lad Scott Davidson (left), with author Alan Grant (right)

A young Gorebridge man with autism recently saved Edinburgh from a dreadful onslaught of zombies – in a new comic book adventure.

Thanks to the charity Artlink, writer Alan Grant (2000AD and Batman) and artist Robin Smith (2000AD and The Bogie Man) have teamed up for the first time in 20 years to work on a comic called Scott vs Zombies, with young man, Scott Davidson (20), which is out now.

In the spring of last year Scott met with Alan for the first time. The story they came up with established Scott and his mother Liz as the main characters in a zombie comic.

In the comic, Scott has difficulties understanding who he is in relation to the people around him, just as he does in real life.

Alan decided to counter these anxieties by creating a situation in which Scott could take control, using the coping mechanisms he has developed, as well as a little help from an evil wizard and some zombies. Scott ultimately saves his mother and the whole of Edinburgh from the undead.

Scott said: “I’m proud of making the comic and I loved working with Alan Grant. It’s been good seeing people enjoy my comic. I’ve had great feedback.”

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