Second sighting of ‘blue light imposter’

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A woman who reported being followed by a suspicious car with a flashing blue light is disgusted at what she feels was lack of interest by police.

The incident took place just days before a male motorist claims to have been flagged down by a car of a similar description – as reported by the Advertiser last week.

Having seen our front-page story, the Penicuik mum got in touch to describe her own experience. She said she was driving through Inveresk at around 8.45pm on January 23 when she became aware of a car driving dangerously close behind: “It was so close that I couldn’t see if the blue light was on the top of the car or not. I slowed down to let it past but it wouldn’t overtake. When it finally did go past it did so on a bend.

“I waited until I got to Loanhead to call the police. I got put through to a service advisor who couldn’t have been more uninterested. I’m disgusted that the police would not even log the incident – they wouldn’t give me an incident number.”

On reading our report, the Penicuik mum – who asked not to be named – again contacted the police, this time via email. The response she received read: “Without a registration plate we are unable to log an enquiry/complaint RE manner of driving. In relation to what you have discussed, we would require this information in order to process any Police incident number.”

She said: “They should have looked for the vehicle. I lost sight of it near Dalkeith and so it might be on CCTV. No-one knows what this driver’s intentions are.”

As we reported last week, a description was posted on Facebook of a man being pulled over by a bogus police car with blue flashing lights on the dark, secluded road from Elphinstone to Dalkeith.

Police confirmed they were investigating that incident.

Both incidents took place on a Thursday, between 8.15-8.30pm, and between a few miles of each other.

Witnesses describe the car as being old and maroon, possibly a VW Passat.

Police Scotland said this week: “We take all reports of criminality seriously and would advise anyone who believes they are a victim of crime to contact police on 101.”