Sheep attacks ‘for sport’ fear

Peter Eccles with one of the surviving sheep.
Peter Eccles with one of the surviving sheep.

A spate of deadly dog attacks on local sheep has sparked fears that they were carried out as an organised ‘sport’.

Six sheep were killed in a recent attack at Newbattle Home Farm near Newtongrange.

It follows similar incidents in November and December a mile away at Wester Middleton Farm, in which a total of 23 sheep were killed or had to be destroyed.

Peter Eccles (28), an agricultural consultant who owns Newbattle Home Farm just north of Newtongrange described the scene of devastation he met: “One sheep was found next to one of the dead sheep still alive but in shock, and had to be put down.

“There was another two that were both injured and were sticking together but not able to walk, so they had to be put down too.

“Another two survived because they made it into the paddock.”

Lothian and Borders Police said: “Police in Midlothian work closely with the farming community to prevent criminality, and any incidents where livestock are deliberately targeted and killed are taken extremely seriously.

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