Sign is in good trim

A SLICE of Dalkeith’s business heritage has been revealed by an old shop sign.

Restoration work being carried out in High Street uncovered an original hand-painted sign saying Caledonian Laundry.

It was found when the Dalkeith THI/CARS project was removing the current fascia for Boombarbers.

Alan Mason of Dalkeith History Society, said: “None of my members can remember a laundry being there.

“It was a grocer’s and florist’s at one time.

“The laundry sign must be quite old, maybe dating back from the early 1900s.”

The old sign will be photographed and a tracing made to record the lettering.

A new timber fascia, with the new Boombarbers lettering, will be placed over the Caledonian Laundry sign.