Signs when the spring has sprung

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Have you ever wondered why we get springtime, or any other of our seasons come to that? writes George Hogg (Hogg Estate Services).

It has all to do with the tilt of the Earth.

Bear with me, I will keep it simple.

As you know, the Earth travels around the Sun.

That is a very long way, so takes a year.

However, due to our tilted planet, when we are on this side of the sun, we in the northern hemisphere are tilted towards it, thus catching lots of warmth and light.

Six months later when we are on the other side of the sun, we are tilted away from it, and experiencing cold, short and dull days.

At that time it is the turn of the southern hemisphere to be tilted towards the sun, so explaining the Aussie’s Christmas barbies on the beach while we shiver, scrape our windscreens and shovel snow.

So now you know. Told you it was simple.

So much for the cause of spring, what are the effects we can look out for?

Already the swallows are zipping around our farmyards, having only weeks before skimmed among herds of zebra and gazelle.

Lambs are skipping around the pastures, lawns have had their first cut, most trees are in leaf, and garden weeds are poking up.

Cereal fields have taken on a fresh green “breard” and young rabbits emerge from the hedges to enjoy it.

Then along comes, the orange and white flickering form of a male Orange Tip.

It’s spring!