Skate park plans about to be ramped up

Plans to build a skate park in Danderhall will take a step forward on Saturday, when locals will be asked for their thoughts on the project.

Thursday, 5th May 2016, 12:00 pm
John Hadden and youth worker Daniel Baigrie, with kids at the site of the planned skate park

In 2012, following consultation with the local community, the neighbourhood plan revealed a demand to see a skate park built in the village.

Since then Danderhall and District Community Action Group has been steering the project, and now they want to speak to locals this weekend about the plans.

John Hadden from the group said: “We have spoken to different organisations about building the park but we need to make sure that we get what people want. That’s why we are having this event.

“We have applied for funding from Bank of Scotland and Sports Scotland. We are aiming for £100,000 in total. That would cover everything.

“It’s a few years since the plan was published, so we are looking for more information and asking people what features they want to see in the skate park.

“If people come along they will be able to see what stage we are at and hopefully we get confirmation that we are doing the right thing.”

John believes the skate park is needed, he said:“It saves their parents taking them to other skate parks that aren’t as nearby, so we expect parents to appreciate this as well as the kids. The buses are just not adequate enough for them to go themselves to say Mayfield or Newtongrange.”

John is delighted that his group is supported by the council on this project.

He said: “The council has agreed to let us use their contracting process. There have been at least three skate parks that construction of has been managed by the council which are good skate parks.

“So we are learning from their experiences.

“Speaking to people that use skate parks they seem to be a better kind. Sometimes people put too much in them.”

The group’s Community Action Day is at Danderhall Community Leisure Centre, Saturday, 10am- 12:30pm.