SNP win the Midlothian seat

Counting begins for the Midlothian constituency at the 2015 General Election
Counting begins for the Midlothian constituency at the 2015 General Election

The SNP has taken the Midlothian seat with a majority of almost 9,800.

Midlothian Council leader Owen Thompson overturned a 10,300 Labour majority to secure the seat with 24,453 votes. Labour’s Kenny Young achieved 14,594 votes.

Delivering his acceptance speech following the result that saw him become the newly-elected MP for Midlothian, Mr Thompson said: “Ten years ago in Midlothian there was not a single SNP directly elected representative. Nine-and-a-half years ago I was elected as the first councillor for the SNP in Midlothian for so many years, and tonight I have been elected as the first SNP MP for Midlothian, joining our two MSPs Colin Beattie and Christine Grahame, and an SNP administration at Midlothian Council.

“What a difference ten years can make. This result is clearly nothing short of historic. I will stand up for everyone, regardless of their political view.

“I will do my very best to make sure that the voice of Midlothian is heard loudly and clearly. I will do everything I possibly can to work across the political spectrum to undertake the role that I have been entrusted with.”

After the result was announced Labour candidate Kenny Young said: “I am grateful to David Hamilton for all his guidance and sorry I couldn’t build on his good work. I am proud of the campaign we ran. It has been a really difficult night for Labour and that is something we need to digest but tens of thousands of people put their trust in me to be their MP so my job is to work hard for those people and also my council constituents.”

After the result was announced Mr Thompson (SNP) continued: “It is unbelievable. What a result.

“I did have a positive feeling over the campaign. You are always kind of wondering it is because you are the candidate and people telling you that to be nice but I did have a feeling and said to one or two people that I thought 51 per cent would not be out of the question.”

The Midlothian Council leader added: “I think people just saw the positive message that the SNP were offering. I think I have got a good track record. People have seen I do deliver on what I say I will.”

Mr Thompson said: “I can’t believe it. It has been a massive team effort. I have been really fortunate in an amazing team I have working for me. I am the candidate and front person for the campaign. This isn’t just about me. This is about the whole team.”

Describing the predicted result for Labour as a “Tsunami”, former MP David Hamilton (Lab), who announced he was standing down in January, said that it would not have made a difference if he had chosen to stand for election instead of Mr Young.

He added that he was frightened for the future of Scotland: “There are well kent [Labour] faces throughout Scotland who have lost. Kenny has done a fantastic job with the campaign and has geed up everyone. I can’t think of anything that he could have done differently.

“What’s sad is that there will be another referendum before we know it. The two winners tonight will be the SNP and David Cameron, who has practically wiped out Scotland. I’m quite worried about what happens now.”