Soham - a decade on

It’s now a decade since the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, but many people still can’t hear the name of the girls’ home town of Soham without recalling the poignant photo of the 10-year-old friends in matching football shirts.

Their deaths and the subsequent trial and conviction of Ian Huntley caused a national outrage, but this sensitive documentary focuses on the experiences of Holly Wells’ family, asking how they survived what must be surely be every parent’s worst nightmare.

The girls went missing on August 4, 2002, and Kevin Wells says his abiding memory of the first days following Holly’s disappearance is the way in which the community rallied to lend their support.

However, when the police arrived at the family’s home without phoning ahead first, the family instinctively knew that their hopes were about to be dashed.

Kevin Wells says: “We hope that we’ve adjusted; we hope that our family have adjusted.

“We still see much sadness and sorrow, and we all accept it as being that price that we pay for someone that we love very deeply, because she was a very special girl.”