Speed limit permanent but not rolled out across Midlothian

Lasswade High Street
Lasswade High Street

The 20mph speed limit pilot at Lasswade has been made permanent, but plans to expand the scheme have been halted due to the cost.

The decision was taken at last week’s full council meeting, despite worries that cancelling the £460,000 roll out across the county sends out the wrong message.

Speaking at the meeting, Green councillor Ian Baxter said: “I appreciate that in times of financial restraints it’s a significant amount of money. I just worry that we are not moving forward.

“I really feel that there is an important message that we need to get out - that this council is serious on this.”

Councillor Derek Rosie (SNP) said: “There is a general feeling that the traffic flow is slower and safer. So I would recommend that we continue it at Lasswade and take no action at this time to expand it across Midlothian.

“In recent years we have dealt with cases in other villages such as Ford and Fala, so I don’t see this changing. We should look at cases as they come forward.”

It was agreed that the Lasswade pilot be made permanent, and that the line “take no action at this time to introduce any further 20mph speed limits in Midlothian” be taken out of the proposal.

However the council’s head of finance Gary Fairley made it clear that there is no budget available for any more 20mph schemes.