Speeding and parking fears in Gorebridge

Main Street, Gorebridge
Main Street, Gorebridge

Gorebridge Community Council has raised concerns about parking and speeding in the village, particularly on Main Street.

Speaking at the group’s meeting last week, member Peter Maher raised the issues with the community police officer in attendance.

He said: “The parking situation is absolutely dangerous. Cars park on double yellow lines on Main Street.

“It’s particularly bad during the day. They know there is not a traffic warden, it’s as simple as that.

“And we have a speeding problem here. The cars just whizz by.”

Fellow community council member Trevor Taylor added: “It’s a main bus route but they must struggle to get through there.

“As for people with buggies, push chairs, they have to walk on the road as they can’t get up the pavement.

“But if someone went down and ticketed the cars then it wouldn’t happen again.”

The community police officer told the meeting that similar complaints in Newtongrange had led to action being taken there, and he promised to report the concerns raised about speeding and parking in Gorebridge.

Inspector Michelle Ritchie told the Advertiser that police had only received a handful of calls regarding parking concerns in the past couple of months locally, two incidents at New Hunterfield and two more at Hillside Crescent South. She said: “We have one traffic warden in Midlothian who makes time to be visible in certain areas that we are concerned about. However, I’m not overly concerned about this area.”

The council recently agreed to carry out a feasibility study in Midlothian into how best to tackle parking problems in the county. One option, which will be considered, is to ‘piggyback’ onto the City of Edinburgh Council’s contract with NSL, a private firm that has been providing parking wardens for the capital since 2006.