Speeding fears drive locals mad

Roslin Road, between Bilston and Roslin
Roslin Road, between Bilston and Roslin
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Residents living close to a supercar hire company believe that the speed the high performance vehicles go at could result in a serious accident.

Performance Portfolio at Bilston Glen Industrial Estate offers customers the chance to be driven in one of their high powered cars or even hire them to drive themselves.

One local resident, who asked not to be named, told the Advertiser about the ‘high-speed’ thrills between Roslin and Bilston, she said: “It’s just non-stop. Especially during the school holidays.

“It’s the racket they make for a start. But they are also breaking the speed limit and nothing seems to get done.

“I have phoned the police a couple of times and they say they will have a word.

“You just see a flash of colour go by. It’s like an accident waiting to happen.

“They should find an empty space like a car park, rather than using a public road.

“There is so much that could go wrong.”

Roslin and Bilston Community Council chairperson Donna Hogg added: “This has been brought up at community council meetings before.

“Breaking the speed limit in a Ferrari or a Mini is still breaking the speed limit.

“Personally, I have horses up there and it is very noisy. And the road surface is not fit for going at that speed.

“I do genuinely think it’s an accident waiting to happen. It’s a country road that’s well used so it’s not the safest place for this.”

Alan Belente, a director at Performance Portfolio, defended his company: “The first thing that anybody that comes here sees is signs to say speed limits are not to be broken.

“Safety is paramount to ourselves. I 100 per cent disagree that the cars are speeding. But obviously when the cars are out for hire we can’t be held liable for that.

“We have been going for two years now and have never had anybody caught speeding.

“We do have people say that the cars are noisy, which makes it seem that they are going faster that what they are. We have tried to reassure residents and dealt with police.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We are not aware of any recent reports relating to dangerous or inconsiderate driving behaviour in the Roslin or Bilston areas, however, whenever we receive any calls of this nature we will devote suitable resources to identify anyone responsible.”