Spirit of 007 stirred by McCarthy’s Spy

Spy starring Melissa McCarthy
Spy starring Melissa McCarthy
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SPY (15, 120 mins) Comedy/Action/Romance. Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law.

Melissa McCarthy reunites with Bridesmaids writer and director Paul Feig for an action-packed mission, which would leave James Bond shaken and stirred by its approach to 21st-century espionage.

Punctuated by thrilling chases and a frenetic knife fight in a restaurant kitchen, Spy is a terrifically entertaining caper, jam-packed with belly laughs and foul-mouthed outbursts.

The hijinks are underpinned by another winning performance by McCarthy as a deskbound analyst at the CIA, who is championed for her moist homemade cakes rather than her sharp intellect.

Brains arm-wrestle brawn in Feig’s politically incorrect and uproarious script, including an amusing cameo by rapper 50 Cent as himself and a juicy supporting role for Miranda Hart, who essentially plays herself, though she’s a snug fit amid a strong Anglo-American cast, who deliver Feig’s zinging one-liners with tongues wedged firmly in cheek.

The spirit of 007 pervades every glossy frame, but with old-school chauvinism turned on its head to affirm a message of girl power and independence.