Stamp hike is slated by Midlothian MSP

The recent hike in first class stamps has Midlothian SNP MSP Colin Beattie worried about people and businesses in his constituency.

A main concern for Mr Beattie is that will price small businesses out of the first class market. The rise of more than 30 per cent – from 46p to 60p – is around 10 times the rate of inflation.

The increase comes as regulator Ofcom suggest there should be no cap on prices for the vast majority of Royal Mail’s services, including business post, bulk mail, and large letters and parcels sent second class.

Mr Beattie said: “What we are seeing in this extraordinary increase is the first of many future hikes in Royal Mail services. Eventually less people will use the service, which will lead Royal Mail to make further increases. It is a vicious circle they’ve begun.”