Store’s offer to Midlothian Cubs

Pets at Homes is offering animal related workshops to Cubs and Beavers. Photo: Michael Gillen
Pets at Homes is offering animal related workshops to Cubs and Beavers. Photo: Michael Gillen

Pets at Home is offering local Beaver Scout Colonies and Cub Scout Packs free workshops to help members gain their Animal Carer badge and Animal Friend badge.

In order to achieve the badge criteria, young people attending the workshops at the Straiton Retail Park store will receive free workbooks to help record the advice they will receive from trained in-store colleagues on how to care for pets responsibly.

To obtain their badges, Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts will learn about the five welfare needs of animals and how to care for small animals, fish or insects and understand the correct types, varieties and quantities of food to feed them. They will also find out about the right habitats, where they sleep and how to ensure they get the appropriate level of exercise. Coupled with this they will learn how to keep animals healthy and recognise common illnesses.

Examples of suitable animals for this badge include dogs, cats, small animals, fish, birds and stick insects and it should be completed by caring for one of these animals.

Louise Barden, store manager at Pets at Home Pentland, said: “Our in-store pet advisers are always happy to share their extensive knowledge of animal care. The free workshops and workbooks will help local Beavers and Cub Scouts find out all the information they need to achieve some of their badge activity tasks, teaching them how to care for pets responsibly.”

Simon Carter from The Scout Association, added: “Pets at Home provides a unique opportunity for our young people to explore animal care and welfare away from their normal meeting place. The partnership helps our Scout Volunteers to offer a diverse programme and help our young people develop the right skills and attitudes to correctly care for pets and animals.”

For further information on booking a free workshop please contact your local store by visiting