Sunshine brings the crowds out

Easthouses & Mayfield Gala
Easthouses & Mayfield Gala
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Big crowds of locals enjoyed the sunshine as well as all the fun and games at this year’s Mayfield and Easthouses Gala Day on Saturday.

The gala day committee’s chairman Robert Hogg said: “The weather was beautiful. It brought the crowds out.

Easthouses & Mayfield Gala

Easthouses & Mayfield Gala

“The parade was terrific too. It was a perfect day really.

“The best boys and girls had a fantastic time. As did Mabel Currie, who opened the event. They all enjoyed their day.

“You can tell the difference when the sun is out and people are enjoying themselves. Sitting on the grass in the park.

“It was a great turnout. I’m proud of the community.

“There were no hitches on the day, everything went well.

“The wrestling and all the other acts were terrific. It was a great day all round.”