Survival of fittest in the bush

Bushcraft Survival courses taking place at Dalkeith Country Park
Bushcraft Survival courses taking place at Dalkeith Country Park

Anyone wishing to channel their inner Bear Grylls can head to Dalkeith Country Park this October and November for some outdoor adventure.

Bushcraft survival courses, run by Primal Bushcraft and Survival, will take place on the 1,000-acre estate on October 10, November 7 and 29.

The one-day courses take participants back to nature, teaching survival by utilising natural surroundings.

As well as learning about wild food, flora and fauna, the Primal Bushcraft experts teach how to build improvised shelters, hunting for water sources, cutting techniques and fire-making.

Ed Morris, estate manager at Dalkeith Country Park, said: “There’s no better way to get back to nature and spend time with the family on a bit of an adventure than taking part in a bushcraft survival day or weekend.

“It sounds like tough going, but the stunning scenery at Dalkeith makes it absolutely worth it – although we can’t guarantee the weather!”

Matthew Smith, chief instructor and founder of Primal Bushcraft and Survival, said: “We’re really passionate about getting people outside, away from the usual classroom environment and the day-to-day exposure to smartphones and tablets – especially children.

“There’s nothing better than getting out and about and back to nature. It increases confidence and promotes creativity and the ability to embrace challenges.”

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