What’s It All About?: Coronation Street actors Sue Cleaver, Ryan Thomas, Brooke Vincent and Ben Price join forces with the charity SAFE to use performing arts to educate people on the dangers of HIV and drug abuse.

In this two-part documentary we see how the stars, better known as Eileen, Jason, Sophie and Nick, use their Coronation Street storyline experience as a way of spreading the word about the need for further awareness of two of the world’s biggest killers.

This first episode sees the quartet arrive at Mombasa’s biggest slum. Home to 20,000 people, it has no running water, a dire sewage system and there’s a high risk of the locals catching cholera or dysentery.

The thesps have just over a week to recruit local actors, and will then work their story ideas into a series of soap-like plays with a message.

These will then be enacted by themselves alongside SAFE’s Kenyan actors to a live audience in the African bush.

Look Out For: A touching scene in which a poor young Manchester United fan shows Ryan around his home.