No qualms about it, Sir David Attenborough is the kind of figurehead who will never need an introduction, his name now synonymous with some of the most weird and wonderful inhabitants of the animal kingdom.

And yet the veteran broadcaster still doesn’t show any signs of slowing the pace anytime soon - not bad going for a man in his mid-eighties.

Well, it’s been a short while since Sir David last graced our screens, so he’s back; and on this occasion, discussing the 10 most endangered animals from around the globe that he’d most like to save from extinction.

He explains about Darwin’s frog, so special because it’s the only frog in the world where the male gives birth to its young.

However, Sir David’s has not finished there; among others, he also wants to fill us in on the movements of the solenodon, an ancient mammal, the Sunda pangolin, which has armour made of keratin, and Priam’s birdwing butterfly, which is the largest on earth.