Television - Celebrity Big Brother, The Final

Just over a decade ago (12 years to be precise), a boardroom somewhere in London was buzzing with excited plans and speculation about a new voyeuristic reality telly show which would pit umpteen of the nation’s liveliest oddballs against each other under the same roof for a summer.

Big Brother was born. Years down the line, the programme has had a bit of a facelift, switched broadcasting homes, and seen so many people walk over the famous threshold that many of us would struggle to bring even a handful to mind.

But no one could accuse this instalment of Celebrity Big Brother of being boring.

There was drama from the off, as first two housemates Julie Goodyear and Cheryl Fergison were given a secret task that played to the soap-queens’ strengths.

With 24 drama-filled days behind us, Brian Dowling presents the showpiece finale to the contest.

He takes to the podium once again as the remaining housemates gather in the living room for the final time, before announcing who the public have crowned their champion.