Television - Great Night Out, Friday, January 11, 9pm (STV1)

Everyone likes a good night on the tiles, and that’s precisely what makes this new six-part comedy series such a promising prospect – it’s relatable. At least, it would be, were it not for the fact that the events of this Great Night Out happen to spiral out of control in spectacular – and hilarious – fashion.

The premise is simple – four 30-something men gather for an evening of revelry in Stockport.

In tonight’s opener, would-be alpha male Hodge incurs the fury of his wife after he manages to botch up the invitations for their forthcoming wedding anniversary party.

While attempting to put the event back on track, he joins up with his pals and heads to the venue, only to get waylaid en route after stopping to help a worse-for-wear passer-by.

Look Out For: The great cast. As well as William Ash, Lee Boardman, Craig Parkinson and Stephen Walters leading the line as the four best mates, there are inspired supporting turns from Ricky Tomlinson, Isy Suttie, Rebekah Staton and Christine Bottomley, making this one of the best cast Britcoms of recent years.