Television - John Bishop’s Big Year (Friday, November 30, BBC One, 9.30pm)

What’s It All About? You could be forgiven, after reading the title of this programme, that it’s all about what John Bishop got up to during 2012.

But in fact, he’s taking a look back at the year in general - and what an amazing period it was. Even if only the Olympics had taken place, it would have been a great year, but add that to the Paralympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and you’ve got something quite remarkable.

There were ups as well as downs of course - the failure of the English football team, the continuation of the recession, and the wettest June on record.

Look Out For: John’s stand-up routines among the clips and sketches. They’re funny too, but you get the impression that alone on a stage with a microphone is where he’s most comfortable - and at his best.

John says: “At the end of every year newspapers and magazines often do a summary of the world in pictures reflecting back on the year just passed. This is a much more alive version of those retrospectives - with footage from actual events interspersed with our very own comedy sketches and narratives, celebrating what has been a momentous year.”