Television - Monty Don’s French Gardens (BBC Two, Friday, February 8, 9pm)

If you want to know about gardens, you’d be hard-pushed to find anyone as well-qualified to expound upon the topic than Monty Don.

Here, the horticulturalist and Gardeners’ World presenter is in France, where he focuses on the plots which are closest to the French people’s hearts - or at least their stomachs. He looks at how the nation’s love of food has influenced its horticulture, beginning by visiting a number of ‘potagers’, gardens in which both vegetables and flowers are planted together in elaborate and beautiful - yet productive and functional - displays. Monty then finds out why the French attach a great deal of importance to the soil in which they grow their food, and the ways in which it can affect the end produce.

Look Out For: The canny blend of programming. Tonight’s edition combines travelogue and cookery elements with the obvious horticultural content - and when it comes to striking the perfect balance, Monty’s just the man for the job.

Monty says: “All through my twenties I used to take a week’s holiday every year with my wife and spend it just visiting gardens. All my life I’ve visited gardens.”