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Thursday, May 31: Britain’s Lost Routes with Griff Rhys Jones (BBC One, 8pm)

In this four-part documentary, Welsh actor and comedian Griff Rhys Jones explores some of the nation’s forgotten routes, recalling a time before the motor car – when journeys were undertaken on foot, horseback, carriage or under sail.

He begins by retracing the route that Queen Elizabeth I took through the Cotswolds and into the West Country. He winds through the heart of some of England’s most stunning countryside as he tracks her journey from Windsor to Bristol.

He attempts to recreate some of the experiences she would have encountered along the way, considers the type of people she may have met, and looks at the modes of transport used.

Griff learns about the food and drink which would have formed the Queen’s diet on the road, as well as how she slept and was entertained en route.

Griff unearths the sort of Tudor architecture that she would have seen, and – perhaps most revealing of all – he digs up actual first-hand accounts of her visits to the towns along the way, painting a picture of a Queen who was much adored by her public.