Television - One to watch: Ancient Egypt (BBC Two, Friday, March 21, 9pm)

With its startling mythology and fascinating post-death rituals, the teachings of ancient Egypt have long since been a firm classroom favourite among children the world over.

Even for adults, the topic remains as intriguing as ever, so this new, two-part programme, which delves into the lifestyles of Egyptians, should go down a treat.

The first edition introduces us to Kha the architect, and Meryt, his wife. They lived in the tomb-builders’ town of Deir el-Medina and spent their entire lives working for their famous masters.

Look out for presenter Dr Joann Fletcher. The Barnsley-born Egyptologist is a star in the making – not only does she look like a retired rock chick, she has the personality and enthusiasm to strike a chord with even the most cynical viewer.

BBC Two controller Janice Hadlow says: “BBC Two has a strong track record of introducing dynamic new presenters and I’m delighted to welcome Dr Joann Fletcher to the channel as she reveals what life was like for ordinary people living in ancient Egypt.”