Television: One to watch - Ice Road Truckers (Five Friday, February 1, 8pm)

This internationally successful documentary has a lot to answer for.

Aside from spawning edge-of-the-seat spin-off, Deadliest Roads, IRT is also a major inspiration for World’s Deadliest Roads, the BBC show in which two celebrities risk life and limb in perilous locations, all for the sake of entertainment.

For some the IRT regulars aren’t the most likeable people in the world, with opinions that will leave some tutting. However, Lisa Kelly is always good value for money, adding much needed glamour and resourcefulness to a show that could have toppled over under the weight of its own testosterone.

This week, Rick Yemm, Hugh Rowland and Vlad Pleskot attempt to deliver an airport terminal to St Theresa Point. The problem is the weight limit for the ice they are crossing is 40 tons, but the combined weight of the tractor, trailer and load put the three lorries several tons over that limit.