Television - Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Lorraine Kelly (STV, Friday, March 1, 9pm)

After being asked how it feels to be the queen of daytime chat, Lorraine Kelly develops a fit of the giggles.

“Don’t use the word ‘chat’,” she laughs. “It makes me think of Alan Partridge!”

Lorraine’s bubbly personality has helped make her one of the UK’s best-loved TV stars, though she is modest about her success in a notoriously fickle business: “I’m just someone who is awfully lucky, doing a job that I love.”

Lorraine has been grilling celebrities and politicians for almost three decades, and has attracted no end of red-blooded admirers in the process, including JLS star Marvin Humes, who labelled her a cougar.

In this show, she’s responds to assorted personal questions, such as how she feels about being seen as a sex symbol.

She also talks about how she was sacked from GMTV just weeks after giving birth to her daughter; discusses her marriage to cameraman Steve Smith, and the regret that they weren’t able to have more children.