Television - Room 101 (BBC One, Friday, January 18, 8.30pm)

As anyone who watched the previous series of the new Frank Skinner-presented incarnation of Room 101, its main advantage over the old BBC Two version is that it now has three guests instead of one.

So, if a celebrity doesn’t do a particularly good job of coming up with the witty justifications for their pet hates, someone else can pick up the slack.

However, at least two of Skinner’s guests this week seem like they would have been capable of carrying a 30-minute show on their own.

Journalist Janet Street-Porter is never short of an opinion or two, while comedian Greg Davies, of The Inbetweeners and Cuckoo fame, can usually be relied on to go off on an entertaining tangent.

And the only reason we had any reservations about presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle is that he normally comes across as being far too nice to dislike anything.

But maybe we’ll see a different side to him as he joins Street-Porter and Davies in griping about everything from friends’ hobbies to people who use suitcases on wheels.