Television - The Graham Norton Show (BBC One, Friday, 10.35pm)


Despite being the first big-budget superhero movie, Superman has always been one of the toughest films of its type to get right.

There’s that costume for a start. On paper a bloke who wears red pants over blue tights may look cool, but on the big screen it can be disastrous.

For some fans, there hasn’t been a decent Superman movie since the second one more than 30 years ago.

So the folks at Warner Bros are hoping Dark Knight director-turned-producer Christopher Nolan, and 300 director Zack Snyder can remodel Man of Steel into one of the year’s most lucrative hits.

Who did they get to play this all-American hero?

Henry Cavill, that British bloke from The Tudors, that’s who.

Thankfully, due to a suit re-design, he doesn’t have to suffer the red pants problem for the new movie which opens this week, but Graham will no doubt be asking him about the issue anyway.

Playing his dad Jor-El, is Russell Crowe, who may have some anecdotes about stepping into Marlon Brando’s shoes.

If there’s time, more audience members have the chance to tell their stories in the dreaded red chair.