Television - The Mentalist (Five, Friday, February 22, 9pm)

Returning after a mid-season break, Simon Baker’s drama continues to enthral.

In the first of the latest run, Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is called to the scene when the body of puzzle-loving botanist Jeremy Reese is found hanging at a gym’s rock-climbing wall. He’s been shot once, a key is missing from his bag, and his apartment has been turned upside down before being tidied up.

Jane (Baker) discovers an empty safe behind a bookcase, and a puzzle box with something concealed inside. Although Lisbon is keen to smash it open, Jane decides to crack the puzzle instead. It transpires that the late man used to supply cancer-sufferer Alice (Susan Gibney) with medicinal marijuana, but did not smoke himself.

Further investigation reveals Reese left his job in computers to work at an organic farm and become a healer, but he apparently had a big falling-out with his boss, Matthew Gold (Troy Ruptash)Ð

Can Jane find out who was responsible for Reese’s death?