The Toadstool Verdigris Agaric

The toadstool Verdigris Agaric
The toadstool Verdigris Agaric

Autumn is very much fungi time.

This interests me both as a naturalist and a forager.

This one was certainly not destined for my kitchen, however.

You may have come across, Fly Agaric, the typical fairy toadstool with it’s bright red, white spotted cap?

This blue/green relative is much less common and always an interesting find.

I believe it is Verdigris Agaric, but that species has one or two close relatives, so it is difficult to be sure.

This problem of similar lookalikes is what makes wild fungi eating so risky for the forager. The trick is to stick to those edible species which have no mimics.

I notice wild autumn mushrooms and toadstools are popular subjects of the ever growing band of photography enthusiasts these days.

Given their vast variety of colours and patterns and the picturesque locations in which many are to be found,that interest is hardly surprising.

iSpot, the online nature identification website is full of fungi pictures at present,and some weird and wonderful specimens among them.

At least taking pictures avoids having to pick the fungi before they get a chance to ripen and release their spores to the four winds.

Damp and shaded woods tend to be the most fruitful fungi hunting spots, but in truth there is a fungi evolved to most niches.

So look out for Verdigris Agaric or one many other amazing fungi to be found at present, but remember, no eating until you are sure of your ID skills!