There’s been another mudder in Dalkeith

Last weekend, Tough Mudder participants in Dalkeith who overcame the legendary 10-12 mile military-style obstacle course designed by British Special Forces, were asked to cast their vote on the upcoming Scottish Referendum.

Participants from across Scotland and other nations voted in true Tough Mudder style, via the Caber Toss inspired obstacle called “In or Out”, that saw with ‘mudders’ launching heavy logs towards cutouts of Alex Salmond and David Cameron.

With over 2,000 voting, the result saw 68 per cent voting against Scottish Independence.  

Earlier in the weekend, Colin Beattie MSP (SNP) and Gavin Brown MSP (Con) visited the Tough Mudder course to cast their respective votes ahead of the main event.

Mr Beattie said: “Having the public comment on the Scottish Referendum at the Tough Mudder event this weekend is a great bit of fun, and, more importantly, a nice way to encourage debate amongst a young generation of voters.”

Mr Brown commented: “The Referendum debate is a serious topic but it’s helpful to have a light-hearted view on it. Tough Mudder should be applauded for the novel approach as it raises the profile amongst the voters.”

Sarah Harvey, Senior Vice President of Tough Mudder EMEA said: “With the referendum less than a hundred days away, we gave our participants the chance to make their voices heard with a unique obstacle that doubled as a voting station, ahead of what is the biggest political vote in the country’s history.”

Leigh-Anne Williams from Edinburgh, having completed the course with her seven-strong team the ‘Wet Bandits’ said: “The chance to have our say on the referendum while doing the course as a team was an unexpected yet welcome surprise and has now got me thinking about the vote in September. It was great to see so many people help each other out and work together to complete the obstacles yet do it with a smile on their muddy faces”.