Thieves ruin youngsters’ egg hunt in Dalkeith

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A GUIDER at the 1st Dalkeith Rainbows has slammed thieves who marred a children’s Easter egg hunt.

The pre-arranged event was organised by group leaders ahead of the Rainbows’ last night of term.

Vicky Featherstonehaugh, who hid 14 chocolate eggs within daffodils and trees at Cowden Park, told the Advertiser: “I’ve no idea who would do such a thing, but I hope they are proud of themselves. It must have been obvious that the eggs were there for a reason. I just hope that whoever stole the chocolate had an awful bellyache after gorging on what was intended for children.”

Vicky is very proud of the Rainbows’ who shared their chocolate with those who would otherwise have had to go without.

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