Third Bonnyrigg practice closes patient list

Cllr Derek Milligan  outside Bonnyrigg Health Centre
Cllr Derek Milligan outside Bonnyrigg Health Centre

Dalhousie Medical Practice last week became the third surgery in Bonnyrigg to close its list to new patients, sparking political anger.

Dalhousie follows Quarryfoot Medical Practice and Strathesk Medical Practice, all based at Bonnyrigg Health Centre.

Midlothian Council Labour Group leader, Derek Milligan said: “The SNP are in denial about the crisis hitting front line health care in Scotland, and here in Midlothian in particular. They ignored us when we raised this issue a year ago, and even now, when all but one of the GP practices in the east side of Midlothian are operating restricted lists.

“If Midlothian’s SNP Councillors put half as much effort into dealing with this crisis as they do protecting their masters in Holyrood from being held accountable for their actions, or in this case lack of action, then maybe would be further down the road in resolving this issue.”

A spokesperson for the SNP Midlothian Council Group said:“All councillors recently had the opportunity to meet with GPs across Midlothian about the situation.

“At the meeting there was a consensus that challenges remain, however GP’s were vocal that we need a positive, proactive and unified approach. Midlothian Labour would do well to heed that message.

“SNP councillors in Midlothian continue to work hard for Midlothian residents, taking a proactive approach and working with our partners in the Scottish Government and across Midlothian, whilst Labour spend their time sniping from the sidelines, often hindering progress.”

Eibhlin McHugh, Director of Health and Social Care, Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership said: “Many GP Practices are unfortunately facing difficulties in recruiting GPs – an issue being faced by surgeries across the country. The decision to introduce temporary restrictions is never taken lightly but allows practices to cope with pressures and ensure their service remains both safe and effective. The Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership continues to work closely with all practices in order to seek a solution to what is a national issue.”